Medical Grade Copper Pipes

Medical Grade Copper Pipes

Mercure Metals & Alloys pressurized ACR/Med copper tubing is available in 10,12, and 20 ft. lengths, and a variety of sizes, both Type L and Type K.

Each product conforms to ASTM B-280/B-819 specifications, is specially cleaned, de-burred, purged and pressurized with nitrogen gas, and features easy to remove, installer friendly, rubber plugs.

Mercure Metals & Alloys uses modern and environment friendly aqueous degreasing system to achieve the ASTM B 280 cleanliness limit of less than 0.0035 g/sq. ft on interior surfaces.

Particularization should be given to

  • Site Cleaning of tubes and components
  • Pipeline gas purging during brazing.
  • Use of approved filler metals and fluxes.
  • Post brazing cleaning and visual inspection of all joints.
  • Full compliance with pressure and containment testing, before final approval and use.

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