Eco Friendly Copper Tubes

Eco Friendly Copper Tubes

Mercure Metals & Alloys have a well established presence in Indian Market and has advanced manufacturing facilities at Umbergaon District, Gujarat.

Mercure Metals & Alloys has once again spearheaded in developing and introducing eco-friendly CFC-free compatible and RoHS compliant copper tubes to help the Indian industry for speedy phase out usage of CFCs.

For ensuring consistent quality ACR grade Copper tubes for new generation high-end VRV/VRF/Multi-V/DVM Plus/City Multi high efficiency and large capacity Air-conditioning systems.

Mercure Metals & Alloys produces Copper tubes by using

  • Floating Mandrel technique during Re-drawing, for 360 degree consistent CONCENTRIC tubes.
  • Total loss lubricant during Re-drawing and Inert atmospheric Vacuum type Bright Annealing furnace, for ultra clean tubes with low residual content below 0.038 gm/sq.mtr.
  • Advanced Eddy Current Testing, for defect-free 100% flawless tubes.

RoHS compliant Mother Copper tubes for producing CFC-free compatible Copper tubes

  • Electronic Temperature and Process controlled Bright Annealing process for consistent Hardness uniformity along the entire tube length and circumference and bright mirror finish.
  • R410A Refrigerant & R410A Compatible Copper Tubes

Mercure Metals & Alloys Pipes has a unique manufacturing process and laboratory to confirm that the total residue does not exceed 0.038g/m2 as specified in EN12735-1 ASTM B280. After cleaning, all tubes are individually end-capped to maintain their internal cleanliness. All straight tubes are manufactured in 5.8m/3mts lengths for ease of movement and are bundled and wrapped in plastic for maximum protection. Individual coils are also wrapped in plastic, packed into cardboard cartons or in wooden boxes.

Mercure Metals & Alloys meets the mandatory inspection requirements

Chemical Composition
Copper + Silver = minimum 99.90% Phosphorous = minimum 0.015%. max 0.040%
Carbon Content Test
Window based software determines the content of carbon on the inner surface of copper tubes and fittings using combustion method.
Tensile Strength
Mercure Metals & Alloys pipes have been tested to the best of its tensile strength keeping in mind all the testing norms in the industry.
Non-Destructive Test
Each tube is subjected to an Eddy current test for detection of local defects. We are the only manufacturer of this category (Medical) of tubes.

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