Admiralty Brass Tubes

Admiralty Brass Tubes

Admiralty Brass tubes - C44300 - has good corrosion resistance and is specially used for tubing of steam condensers cooled with fresh, salt or brackish water. Admiralty metal tubes are also used for heat exchangers in oil refineries, in which corrosion from sulphur compounds and contaminated water may be very severe, and for feed-water heaters and heat-exchanger equipment as well as other industrial processes.


A Copper Zinc Alloy containing tin and small amount of arsenic which is added as an inhibitor against dezincification. The pressure of Tin imparts to the alloy good corrosion resistance in moderately polluted river water and clean sea water, either stagnant or slow moving (up to 2 metres/sec.). This is the most common and wrought form of tube for heat exchange equipment.

Technincal Specification

Admiralty Brass Tubes Technical

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